This site gives an impression of the various ways in which my engineering experience is available to protect your property interests in the Netherlands, whether you are a potential home buyer or already a property owner.

I began working in the field of engineering after graduating as an engineer in the Netherlands in 1983. I was driven by a desire to deliver independent engineering advice to customers and in 1989 I opened my own consultancy firm. I have been a member of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Bouwkostendeskundigen (NVBK) since 1994, this being the Dutch national institute representing engineers who have specialised in construction economics.

A glance at the photos under the tab 
Contractstukken (Contracts) shows you renovated residential buildings and commercial properties with which I have been professionally involved. For these renovations I drafted the renovation contracts and estimated the construction costs. The renovations performed on the buildings seen here have improved them to their current levels of functionality, by increasing their building performance and by enhancing occupant comfort.

A glance at the photos under the tab 
Beoordelingen (Surveys) shows you a sample of the buildings for which I have provided the owners with surveys and professional reports on various aspects of construction, e.g.:
- My surveys and reports of the buildings in the first and second sets of photos
  revealed the risks and imperfections of these properties for the potential
  buyers prior to purchase. In most cases my professional advice guided the
  necessary improvements so that the properties eventually met the standards
  required by my clients at lowered costs.
- My surveys and reports of the buildings shown in the third set of photos
  provided an accurate estimation of the necessary costs of future maintenance
  work on these buildings, essential information for clients planning their
- My surveys and reports of the buildings in the fifth set of photos, provided a
  clear evaluation of the functional and architectural qualities of the buildings,
  indicating the cost of enhancing these qualities and detailing the cost of
  essential maintenance.

For objective and impartial engineering advice, please call 
engineer J. Clarijs in Amsterdam, at (020) - or email at ingclars@xs4all.nl.

Haarlemmerweg 195 H
1051 LC  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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